Let Go Let God

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. - NLT 1 Peter 5:7

We all stress or worry at some point in our lives, and often it leaves us in fear or broken down. The enemy wants us to worry and try to do things on our own because in those moments the devil see’s us as weak. God makes it clear that we don’t have to allow fear or worry control our lives. His Word tells us to give up those worries and fears for Him to handle because He cares about us and He loves us. How awesome is that? We can give up our worries and let God have His way in our lives and He will answer with peace and love. We have to be willing and trusting that He will do what His word proclaims. You see, most people believe that verse, but they are unwilling to truly rest in God and give Him the freedom to relieve them of their fears and worries. God cares about you and is pursuing you constantly. Don’t try to deal with your fears on your own. Put them in God hands and trust Him. If you only take one thing from this devotional today, take this: “Let go and let God.” Pray today that God will give you the courage to let go of your biggest fear and let Him go to work in your life.

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