Seeking for Stuff

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.” - NLT Matthew 6:33

We seek money for security, stuff for happiness, sex outside of marriage to feel loved, popularity and accomplishments for self-worth, and the list goes on. But Jesus turns the tables on his listeners and us, when He challenges them to stop seeking after “things” and instead, to seek and pursue the King and His way of living. In the verses just prior, He shares with His audience an extraordinary way to relate to God. He calls God their “heavenly Father.” This was a totally foreign concept to them and the same holds true for us today. We struggle and worry about many things. One of the main reasons is because we relate to God wrongly. We see Him as distant and uninvolved in the details of our lives. We see Him as someone who is very demanding and requires much of us before we can receive His favor and blessings. And since we may see God in this way, we give up and simply rely on our default positions of worry, struggle, and trying to do things in our own strength. But Jesus is reassuring them and us, that this doesn't have to be the case. He is letting us know that there is a King and He has a kingdom (He has all the power and owns all the stuff). And here is the punchline; that King is your Dad! So, while people who don’t know God as their father must seek, pursue, and struggle for “things” first, Jesus is letting His followers in on a little secret. You are the King’s children, and like any good parent, He will always provide for your needs. You are now free to pursue Him first, knowing all you need will be taken care of. When you are tempted to go after things, go after the King; He is your Dad!

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