Highlighting vs. Practicing

“Jesus replied, ‘But even more blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice.’” - NLT Luke 11:28

Throughout my high school career, I would sit in class and take pages of notes. The purpose of taking notes was to provide myself with study material for the impending tests. Often I would pride myself on my note taking skills, and be proud of the numerous pages that were filled with specific subject content. If grades were given on my note taking ability alone, I would have graduated with honors. Let’s just say, that there was no Honor Society sash around my neck on the day of graduation. In school, I didn’t earn points for my notes, but whether I actually applied those notes through studying. Jesus is sharing with us that we do not receive extra points based on our hearing of His Word alone. Our Bibles may be filled with notes and highlighter marks, but those things do not help us if we never “put into practice” what is actually highlighted. Having a Bible with underlines and highlights makes us feel good, but following Jesus teachings does us good! Going to church makes us feel good momentarily and does have spiritual benefit, but if the teaching received isn’t acted on, then we will not experience true happiness. The kind of happiness the Bible calls, “blessed.” For the Jesus follower, experiencing true happiness is not found in the externals of Christianity, but in the internals of believing God’s Word to the point of putting it into practice. Putting God’s Word into practice will make you an honors student in the Kingdom of God. Don’t just be a note taker, be an honors student.

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