Scary Conscience

Trouble chases sinners, while blessings reward the righteous. - NLT Proverbs 13:21

In college, I had a work-study position as a theater manager. For many of you who know me, that seems odd - it was the only position left. Over time, that work-study position was completed, but I still continued to receive checks. I wasn’t working, and I was getting paid. A part of me thought, “this is great!” But there was another part of me that was overwhelmed with guilt, and it haunted me. So for two months, I continued to get paid, and I also continued to lose sleep, and would be overcome with guilt and fear, whenever I thought about what I was doing and the consequences. It was like someone or something was after me, but I couldn’t see anyone. What I was experiencing was my God-given conscious. You know, that internal voice that let’s you know right from wrong. Well, mine was working really well, and my will to ignore it was working overtime. Eventually, I got a call from the college President’s secretary to come in. I knew exactly what it was about and felt like leaving college right then. Of course, the president confronted me with what I had done, and was very gracious by only requiring me to pay back what was taken. Leaving his office, I felt relieved that I didn’t have to hide anymore (which I was only doing internally) and disappointed in myself. Many of you are experiencing something similar as you are reading this, and you feel like you are being chased, but no one is there. Or, is there? God is letting you know, before things get worse, to confess, and get it out in the open. Only when you do the right thing (righteousness), will you experience the blessings of a quiet and peaceful spirit. Then you will know the joy and strength that comes from doing the right thing. I never lost sleep or have had one regret over doing what was right, and neither have you. Ask Jesus to forgive the sin you are hiding, ask Him for the wisdom to make it right, and thank Him for not leaving you alone when you do wrong.

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