Prayer for Protection

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.” Matthew 6:13 (NIV)

What if I told you that it is God’s will to keep you protected from the “evil one” and temptation? Would you believe me? It’s hard to believe that, isn’t it? Why? The answer is fairly simple; because we seem to experience evil in our lives all the time, and we assume every occasion of it must be God’s will. But experience and God’s will don’t always line up. This verse appears in the closing lines of the Lord’s Prayer. The Lord’s Prayer was given to us as an outline of what God’s will is and how His children should pray in agreement to His will. This verse shows us it is God’s will for us not to fail under the pressure of temptation from the evil one, but to be delivered (rescued) from all of his plans to hurt or even destroy us. I believe this verse also reveals God’s desire for us to experience minimal and unnecessary temptation (not total elimination of). And it is directly related to our asking for this in faith-filled prayer. The Bible teaches that there are things we are not experiencing in this life because we are not asking Jesus for them faithfully (James 4:2-3). When was the last time you prayed, “Father keep the evil one far from me, and don’t allow his evil plans to pass in my life.” The Spirit showed me this years ago, and I have since prayed accordingly and have witnessed God’s hand of protection many times. There is no doubt, over the years, God has protected me on countless occasions that I will never fully know of. I will only find out for sure on the other side of heaven, but I can thank Him now, knowing It’s His will to keep me protected from Satan and his schemes. Why don’t you begin asking God, every day, to keep and protect you from the devil and his plans to take you out, and thank God in advance for what “doesn’t happen” in your life according to His will.

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