When I Grow Up

"The king is pleased with words from righteous lips; he loves those who speak honestly." Proverbs 16:13 (NLT)

I can remember in elementary school and middle school when people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say something crazy, like a professional athlete or rocket scientist (lol). It was always the biggest of goals or dreams, but we all have answered that question with intention of wanting to be successful. Well, here I sit, 25 years old, telling you the most important success in my life, and that is, I accepted and live for Jesus Christ. Righteous words please God, not our prideful words of our greatest touchdown or what we did with our boyfriend or girlfriend last night. When humble, right, and true words leave your lips, it pleases God. He loves when you speak with honesty to Him and all those around you. It’s for our benefit that we value what is successful in God’s eyes and not the world. Pray today that every word that you speak would be considered righteous and pleasing to God. What a success He will make your life.

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