One For The Other

“Carry each other’s burden’s, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2 (NIV)

If I told you that there was a clear way to fulfill God’s will, would you be interested. So many times we think God’s will is mystical and hard to figure out. I would say, that most of the time, God’s will is very clear. It is usually, simply stated in His Word. If God wanted His will to be vague and foggy, He would never have given us the abundance of insight and instruction we have available to us in His Word. And today’s scripture is no different. The Apostle Paul, through the leading of God’s Spirit, tells us that the Law of Christ (Love God and Love Neighbor) is fulfilled, completed, and accomplished by bearing each other’s burdens. This is very straight forward and clear. When we are looking out “one for the other,” we are putting other’s before ourselves, and demonstrating the greatest kind of Love - selflessness. Jesus lived His whole life this way, and He calls us to follow Him living life His Way. So, when we see other's struggling, especially Brothers and sisters in Christ, with some physical, emotional, or spiritual problem, we need to step in to help, encourage and pray. When we do this, we are loving God (by looking out for and caring for those He loves) and neighbor. Ask God to forgive you for going through life mostly concerned with your own issues, and ask Him to give you a “one for the other” kind of heart, so you begin to look outward, recognizing the struggles of others, and stepping in to bear the load. By doing this, you fulfill Christ’s Law of Love.

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