Holy Rebellion

"So they called the apostles back in and commanded them never again to speak or teach in the name of Jesus. But Peter and John replied, 'Do you think God wants us to obey you rather than him? We cannot stop telling about everything we have seen and heard.'”

Peter and John are being told by the religious leaders of their day to no longer speak or teach in the name of Jesus. Maybe you know what this is like - "Don't pray in Jesus name." "Don't mention or include Jesus in papers for this class." "You can't have your Bible out publicly." Our time is not that much different than Peter and John's, and I hope our response would be the same. I'm not saying we should become disrespectful and especially not militant. But I am saying, we need to engage our culture and authorities respectfully and conversationally informing them of who Jesus is in our lives, and what we are able to submit to and what we cannot submit to in order to honor Christ. In fact the Bible teaches us clearly to respect and submit to our authorities as true Jesus followers according to Romans 13. But there is a rebellion that Jesus desires for us to engage in. The rebellion Jesus wants us to participate in is the rebellion against the kingdom of darkness. We become involved in this rebellion by living Holy Lives that truly honor Jesus. He wants us to live lives where we can't stop telling our friends all that we have seen Jesus do in our lives and heard Him speak in hearts through His Word! This is the rebellion that God desires. The rebellion against dark forces, a broken world system, and our own sinful natures. When we live bold for Jesus, through obedience and loving others unconditionally, then people will see the real Jesus shine through our lives. While others stage protests and choose to sit during certain songs (I'm not saying these things don't have their place - They are simply not the Christian's primary means), we are going to Love God & Others by fulfilling the great commission, God's divine means to make lasting and eternal change in the hearts of people! Stage a Holy rebellion so that Christ may be glorified in your life!

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