James 3:18-Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.

Are you a person that starts fires, fuels them, or puts them out? Middle school and high school is full of gossip. He said, she said, he broke up with her, she cheated on him, and on and on and on. God loves peacemakers but some love to start fires or fuel them. If you like to start gossip, you are starting a fire and if you like to speak your thought on conversations of gossip, you are fueling the fire. Very few say the words to put out the fire, but those that do are peacemakers. When you plant peace, you will receive a harvest of righteousness. Nothing good comes from gossip but being a peacemaker brings peace and righteousness. Plant loving and caring words; not words of hate and destruction. There is enough hate and destruction in this world. Pray that your words would be ones that are spoken in wisdom from God that contain love and peace. God is calling us all to be peacemakers.

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