Real Wisdom

"Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.” Proverbs 26:12 (ESV)

I always thought it was funny when reading through Numbers, which if I am being honest has been twice. In Numbers you come across a statement in verse 3 of chapter 12 which reads, “Moses was very humble-more humble than any other person on earth.” Now as far as I am concerned there are two reasons why those of you reading this might not see why this is a little funny: 1) You don’t know that Moses wrote Numbers or 2) you have a much better sense of humor than I do. I’d say it’s safe to say that it is the latter. The reason why I bring up that verse from Numbers is to say that we as humans have a tendency to think a lot more of ourselves than what is really accurate. However, in the case of Moses, he really was extremely humble, but when the light get’s shone on us we tend to want credit where it isn’t due. At least I know that is true of my life at times.

The writer of Proverbs led up to verse 12 with a bunch of comparisons between a wise person and a fool. He describes the fool as being like a useless paralyzed leg, like an archer that shoots at random, like tying a stone to a slingshot, and like a dog returning to it’s vomit… you should really read your Bibles! The writer says all of those negative things about a fool but then he puts pen to papyri and says that anyone who thinks they are better (smarter, carry greater importance) than they really are have less hope then the fool! It seems to me that he is trying to say, that you would be better off being a fool with a correct understanding of yourself then a person with higher-than-they-should-be thoughts of themselves. The start of hope begins when we realize we cannot do anything solely on our own and that we need God-sized help. We then realize that true hope is found in Jesus and not ourselves. Don’t think less of yourself today, just think of yourself less.

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