Think God

“The wicked are too proud to seek God. They seem to think that God is dead." Psalm 10:4 (NLT)

Is there a difference between being proud and having pride? Pride is simply the feeling that comes from being proud. This scripture shows us two different ways of experiencing pride, which are internal and external. Pride is both a disposition and a behavior. Being proud outwardly is rooted by selfishness, which leads to internal pride. I personally think that internal pride is most damaging to our private relationship with the Lord. Thoughts can freely form in our minds without us thinking twice about them. Before we know it, a thought can take root and feed other thoughts. In a pack of lions, also known as a pride of lions, they feed off the energy of other lions in the pride. As a group, they hunt together to prey on the weak. Satan works in a similar way. He attempts to build up our pride by getting us to admire our wealth, our ability to take control, find worth in "things", and applaud our own looks. All of this becomes a huge clutter that forms to hide the Light. The clutter takes up room in our minds. Just like in a cluttered bedroom, how earnestly will you look for a missing item? Our search is motivated by how much we value of the object we are looking for. Pride blocks us from seeking God, eventually we will grow tired of shuffling through the clutter built up by pride, thus losing the motivation for the search. We have to weed though our thoughts moment by moment to check if it glorifies the God or not. Take heart knowing that the Light of Jesus has always been there, even with a cluttered mind, but it is our job to seek Him for help with the clean-up.

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