Strength For The Follower

"The way of the LORD is strength for the upright, But destruction will come to the workers of iniquity." Proverbs 10:29 (NKJV)

Have you ever felt spiritually weak, like the same temptation keeps getting the best of you? We all have. I have learned over the years, that spiritual weakness is no different than physical weakness. When I fail to keep my body strong by not eating healthy, not exercising and not resting amidst the busyness of life, I become susceptible to sickness and fatigue.

What happens in the physical is also true in the spiritual. When we fail to take care of our spiritual selves, we grow weak, and temptation seems to have its way with us.

I have learned over the years the truth of this verse. When I walk in obedience to God's plan for my life, I experience a strength I was unaware of. When I fail to obey and instead walk in my own ways, I am often shocked by my lack and vulnerability, when I should expect nothing less.

When we are doing things our way and fail to invite Jesus to lead, we are living in sin (anything we do outside of God's design and purpose for us), and spiritual weakness will always result. When I invite Jesus to be a part of my everyday life and spend time with Him through His Word, Prayer, Hanging with other Believers and Obedience, I am encouraged and made stronger from the inside out. Temptation loses its pull, and I walk in a more victorious relationship with Jesus. Not perfectly, but one where I am growing in Christlike character and love.

Don't be fooled; when you follow Jesus, you too will be stronger. If you do your "own thing" and neglect Him, you will experience weakness. Don't settle for weakness. Acknowledge you are weak without Jesus, and He will provide His strength.

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