Good Instructions

Psalm 19

Whenever I think of good instructions I think of a few requirements that they must meet. They should be clear, they should show me how to do something exactly, and they should enable me to put together whatever it is I am trying to put together. If the instructions meet those requirements then it would be reasonable to expect that the thing I put together should remain together and only require some up-keep from time to time.

David, who wrote Psalm 19 says that, "The instructions of the Lord are perfect, reviving the soul." When I read that I am immediately wondering where I can get my hands on these perfect instructions. And the answer is in the Word that God has inspired and breathed into the collection of books we call the Bible. If the thing we are trying to put together, and if I'm honest put together daily is life, then we need to be in these perfect instructions as much as we can! We wouldn't look at something as vastly complex as life and expect to be able to correctly assemble it without paying attention to any kind of instructions on it. And the best part about it is that God, the Creator of life and us by the way, gave us these instructions and desires that we live by them so that we can experience this beautiful life that He has created for us.

David goes on to say that, "the decrees of the Lord are trustworthy..." To me that is the biggest reassurance and comforter. I can take what God says, what he instructs to the bank and know that it's good and it can be trusted. We unfortunately live in place and space where not everyone's words or orders can be trusted. We have no need for that kind of thinking with God. His instructions are perfect and you can trust them.

David ends with this prayer and I think it would be a good one to adopt into our daily morning routine. It goes like this, "Clean my slate, God, so I can start the day fresh. Keep me from stupid sins and from thinking that I can take over your work. Then I can start today washed and scrubbed clean of the grime of sin. Accept these words as I place them on Your morning altar."

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