Just Ask Daily

“Give us today the food we need…” Matthew 6:11

There Is a slogan that says, “Good things come to those who wait.”

I believe, “God’s provision comes to those who ask.”

Today, Jesus teaches us that when we pray (talk with God) we are encouraged to ask God to provide for, as some bible translations say, “Our daily bread” (what we need spiritually, physically, and emotionally).

Jesus doesn’t say to beg, but simply to ask. Jesus wants to provide for our needs, because He loves us. And when you love someone, you want to take care of them. He doesn't need His arm twisted, because He already allowed both His arms to be stretched and nailed to a wooden beam to prove His great love and care for you and me.

Any good and decent parent takes care of their child’s needs when it is within their power, and for God, it is definitely within His power. The question is, does He really love me and want to? And that answer is, yes. If it wasn’t true Jesus would have remained silent on the matter.

Since Jesus is willing, and don't let the devil or your own thoughts tell you otherwise, all we need to do is ask. He loves you and desires to provide all that you need. He loves taking care of His children and desires us to do the same for those who need to experience His love and blessings. Ask and experience a Savior who gives.

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