Daily Bread

Matthew 6:11- Give us today our daily bread.

God provides us with what we need and what we need may not always be what we want. He knows what is best for us. What is it that you need today? Have you taken the time to ask Him for what you need? Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is unknown, but today is the day. Focus on today’s bread, and God will give us what we need for today. He doesn’t give us more than we need, so we shouldn't try to save something for tomorrow. Today is the only day that we are currently living, and as He provides our daily bread, we should make the most of that bread. Maybe we need love, and when love is extended to us by parents or friends that shine with the face of Christ, we can’t reject it. God is giving you what you need, but often we don’t make the most of His daily bread for us because we fail to recognize Him in our everyday routine. Spend time with God today in prayer. Ask Him what it is that you need the most. Pray that when He supplies it, you will be able to identify that He is the one that provided. The more time you spend with God, the easier it is to recognize the move of God in your life. He provides for us all every day whether know it or not. Lord help us see the bread that you are placing in our lives today.

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