Matthew 7:24-25- “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.

When you face tough times, do you have confidence? Confidence that God will be the reason you make it through difficult times. What storms are you facing right now in life? It may seem like it is always raining in your life. You may feel that lighting strikes at the worst time possible for you and makes things worse in your life. 

Often it can feel like the storm is almost over and then the wind starts to blow harder. I’m talking about the storms that we all face in life. The storms that seem never to go away. Just wish your parents would get along or that teacher would stop singling you out. You blame yourself for problems in your family or gossip has cost you a good friendship. 

Storms, they come in different shapes and sizes, and they affect us differently. One thing remains, God is with us in every storm. God is still our rock and our refuge. Listening and obeying His words puts us on solid ground. 

It is so key to understand. Having God in your life doesn’t mean He will stop every storm, but it does mean you will be prepared for them. We have hope and eternal life in Jesus, and when we rely on Him as our foundation. We are prepared for storms and know how to handle them when they come. Don’t call out on God in the midst of a storm instead make Him a priority in your life. You will not only be ready for the storms, but you will be prepared to take them on with God as your sidekick. 

Living for Jesus not only eliminates storms in our lives but shrinks the ones that still hit us. God is bigger than any storm, and you will overcome. Start spending time with God in prayer and studying scripture. The foundation you build with Christ in your life is unshakable and unbreakable no matter what storms come against you. 

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