Leaving the Grave

Early on Sunday morning, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and found that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance. - John 20:1 (NLT)

A massive stone rolled away and an empty tomb was what remained. Jesus had defeated sin and death, so that you and I can have eternal life. What grave do you need to walk out of today? What thought, person, or temptation is holding you captive in a grave? Let God roll away the stone and walk out in victory. You don’t have to stay there the battle has already been won. His love rolls the stone away.

What we walk into the grave as is dead, but what emerges is victorious and alive. Some of us have walked into the grave and haven’t left yet, even though the stone has been moved. It’s because we have treat the battle or the problem as it being bigger than Christ. I can’t leave the grave because I’m allowing something of creation to keep me here.

Creator redeemed creation and you can walk freely away from death because Jesus already moved the stone. We aren’t fighting a battle that the results are yet to be known. We already know who won and Jesus is the winner. You are on the winning team so be encouraged today. You don’t have to stay down in your emotions. Your mindset does not have to be one of defeat. You don’t have to stand, sit, or lay in the dead tomb. You can leave the grave.


Lord, I submit my emotions and struggles with dead things to you today. I’m walking out of the tomb and God please help me change my perspective. Defeated is not my name and victory is always in you. Amen.

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