Prove It

"If we love our Christian brothers and sisters, it proves that we have passed from death to life. But a person who has no love is still dead." I John 3:13-14a (NLT)

Do you ever notice that you are treated differently because you live for Christ? Why do you think that is? People tend to shy away from things that are different than what they’re accustomed to, or to despise people who have things that they lack. Christians fit into both of those categories. We are called to live a life sanctified, or set apart, for The Lord. One of the most evident ways we live differently is through love. We are no longer living in death, but we have been given life through the love and grace of Jesus Christ. We live differently because of that love dwelling within us. Our love for The Lord changes how we live our lives. It changes how we treat others. Since this is not normal to the world we tend to be treated differently because of it. In addition to living differently, when we accept Christ we are given many gifts that are desired by everyone. Christ gives us joy, peace, love, fulfillment, a purpose, hope, and many other gifts. Everyone seeks these gifts in some way or another, but without Christ it is impossible to truly have these gifts. Because we have been given these gifts the world often despises us. Those apart from Christ envy the things that we have been freely given. But those gifts are meant for everyone, not just an exclusive few. It is our job as the hands and feet of Jesus to show the world how they too can have these gifts. We must show them Christ and how a relationship with Him is the only way to obtain many of the things their hearts so desire. How can you live your life differently, having a desire to introduce others to the One Who can give them the things that will change their lives for all of eternity? You have been given a great gift, how will you use that great gift to influence others?

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