Lip Service

These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. -Matthew 15:8 (NIV)

This warm weather makes me realize that spring and summer are not far off. Soon school will be out, and seniors will be moving on. This can be life changing only if we allow it be. High school keeps us attached to some form of spiritual engagement, but college brings freedom. Freedom to test the waters so to speak. Going from sexually curious to sexually active, drinking privately to partying publicly. Fleshly pleasure is becoming more of a lifestyle and spiritual effort a past time.

We did identify that church, youth group, or FCA was right for our lives, but when we go back to church or hear that spiritual leader that has an impact on our lives, we hear them differently. They aren't speaking negative to us, but our new and different experiences associate positive spiritual advice as negative support to our recent life decisions. We pretend like nothing is wrong and we honor God with our lips, but our hearts are far from Him. We provide a beautiful outside appearance, but inside we are broken and live our way. We make external modifications to say we care more about what people think than what God thinks.

If I could encourage you today for just a minute, I would say this. Stop making yourself so tired from living for the world and living with regret on Sunday’s. Stop giving God your lip service. You don't have the power to change the world, but YOU and GOD do have the ability to change the world. You have to choose God over the world. Start in the house before you go outside and dress up the windows. God blesses obedience and the life He has planned for you is more significant than any party or sex-driven relationship you could experience. Here's the best part. We will always make mistakes, but God uses our mistakes when we serve Him to bring about blessing and strength. Don't miss the blessings! God loves you, and so do I. Can't wait to see how God uses you when you choose Him.


God, I decide to serve you with my heart and not with words today. Show me where I am disobedient to you and show me where you can use me. Amen.

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