When Dead Things Move

Afterward Joseph of Arimathea, who had been a secret disciple of Jesus (because he feared the Jewish leaders), asked Pilate for permission to take down Jesus' body. When Pilate gave permission, Joseph came and took the body away. - John 19:38

Dead things have to be moved to the grave. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard preachers and pastors say, “nail your sin on the cross and don’t take them down, let them die there.” That is an excellent starting place for all sin, but then the dead things have to be moved. Jesus dead body didn’t stay on the cross, it was moved. It’s time we move dead stuff off the cross in our lives.

Once your sin has been put on the cross, and it dies through you being sanctified continuously (made better) with Christ. The old has died, and the new has come. When your sin dies, and you are forgiven which is immediately in our surrender to Jesus and our daily confession of sin. What is died should not remain on the cross. Just as Jesus body was moved to the tomb, we can ask God to move the dead things in our lives to the grave. What is placed in the tomb and is buried, will only to be touched by God and will rise as NEW LIFE. God moves the dead things from death to life. This isn’t zombie status, but God is taking things that were once dark, dirty, and making them clean and vibrant for others to see His glory.

You don’t have to stare at the death in your life. Let God move it from the cross to Jesus tomb, and when it rises, it will be brand new and full of life. I’m praying for a breakthrough for all of you reading this today.


What once was dead, is now alive. GOD, you have the power to move dead things and just as you were brought new life. Today I need my deadness to be move from the cross to the grave and Lord I’ll wait for the new life on the third day. Jesus roll the stone away from my grave in JESUS NAME, AMEN.

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