Hearing God

March 20, 2018


“I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. - Genesis 12:2 (NIV)


I need to hear from you God. You ever feel like your doing the right thing, but nothing good is happening in your life? You thought God was speaking to you, but doors don’t seem to be opening in your life. You may feel like God told you He was going to do something, but He didn’t tell you when He was going to do it. We want results immediately, but we struggle understanding that God’s timing is perfect. If He spoke something over your life it will come to pass.


Processes are hard to trust when we want destinations and end results with no process. What started as a big dream or exciting to us because we believed God spoke it over our lives, just like Abraham, slow starts to lose it’s power or excitement in our lives because it didn’t happen in our timing. Abraham was promised to be a great nation and didn’t have a son until he was 100 years old. Don’t settle for less because the results take time. You don’t know when or how big the things God spoke to you will be until they actually happen. Just trust in Him that they will happen because He said so. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are way higher than our thoughts. 


Let me say it to you like this if God said He was going to bless you and you know He is speaking to you to God to college or being willing to wait for the right boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t lower your expectations because you don’t enjoy the process. If He said it then I believe it and that settles it. Know that it may not be exacting what you want, but it is what is best for you. God’s ways our higher than our ways and if He can  make a hundred year old man into a great nation, what can He do with you? 



Lord increase my love for you, so that I may be faithful in trusting in you plans for my life. Help me be patient in the process and give me the ability to see and hear your voice and movement in my life. Amen.

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