Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard. - Isaiah 58:8 (NIV)

This is an IF, THEN scripture. IF you fast and pray, do it to draw near to God, THEN your light will break forth, your healing quickly appears, God will go before you and behind you. We like to focus on what we can get out of God and not bother with what God wants to get out of us. See we will pray and fast if it means we get what we want, but fasting and praying is not about what we want and all about giving up what we want to be closer to God.

We all have faults, but I do want to tell you about someone that pushes through our weaknesses to bring light, healing, righteousness before you, and glory behind you. God is not looking near as closely at your wants as He is your heart. God wants you to share your heart with Him. Your obedience to Him is giving you eyes to see His light, healing, righteousness, and glory in your life.

Let me put it like this. I am a huge outdoorsman. I have friends from other states that don’t even really know what deer look like, sadly. (LOL) I have been hunting since I was five years old. I know where to look for deer and can spot them from a long way off. When I’m driving, I see deer all over the place, but I am looking for them. My friends that don’t know what deer look like don’t even have an interest in looking for them. So they never see them. IF your not in a relationship with Jesus, THEN how would you notice Him or see Him? Here is the significant part about our God though. He is continually revealing Himself to us in ways we can see because He is just that good. Regardless if we are in a relationship with Him or not, we don’t always see what He is doing because we aren’t looking to live for Him.

IF you live close to God, THEN you will see His light, healing, righteousness, and glory in your life. This isn’t a rewards program. This is living close to Christ because He loves us and we love Him.


God show me where I can live closer to you today. AMEN.

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