“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin,” - Zechariah 4:10 (NLT)

We love to publish our lives to the world as it happens. Especially if it is something amazing or if God is blessing us in a way that we can be greatly glorified. I think we often want people to see what God has done in us more than we want people to see God. Think about it, we snapchat everything, FaceTime when we think we look good, and Instagram our most magnificent photo’s that capture what we want people to see and believe. 

God says don’t despise small beginnings, but we let the world know about every tiny beginning in our lives. How can small things grow when all we ever do is expose them to the world. The world wants to kill, steal, and destroy your small beginnings. The easiest way to kill something is in it’s earliest stages before it gains strength or momentum. 

God has called you and is doing many great things in your life, but don’t announce them yourself let God bring your small beginnings into the light in His time. At that point, it will be bigger than you could ever imagine because you were obedient to God. Don't despise the small beginning by spoiling it when you share it with the world before God is done with it. It’s hard for small things to become big things when we desire for the world to see it more than we want God to continue to work with it.

Don’t insta-story your life when what God wants to do in your life is in it’s smallest stage because the work that God has started isn’t over. Don’t turn something that God has just started over to the world. Let Him bring your small beginning into the light when He is ready.


God, what work have you started that you are calling me to focus on that isn’t about my power and my fame? Lord help me see and help me focus on what you want to build up in my life that the world can wait to see. Amen. 

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