How Do You See?

because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

James 1:3 (NIV)

Anyone who sets a good fitness goal doesn’t set a goal that they immediately achieve. It wouldn’t be a goal if it didn’t take something that you currently have and use that with effort, persistency, and consistency to gain something you don’t have. When it’s something, we want to gain or change we are willing to go through the pain.

What if we saw our life of faith like that? That every storm you faced was something, God wanted you to go through as you currently are to gain strength in your faith that you don’t yet have. We see storms as bad things and goals as good things. Goals aren’t easy to accomplish, and hurricanes aren’t easy to push through. Is having a relationship with God your goal because the Bible says that trials are making a complete faith in your life. It’s not that the storms ever go. We just get stronger in our walk with God. God is not a goal you have to achieve. Jesus already accomplished the work, and because of that, no storm is too big for our God that He won’t help you overcome.

The storms are making you stronger in your faith, but how do you see the storms? Trouble to run from or another victory in Jesus?


God be my strength in the storms of life and help me persistently and consistently pursue you with the effort you give me. Amen.

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