Handmade gods

"Israel is full of silver and gold; there is no end to its treasures. Their land is full of warhorses; there is no end to its chariots. Their land is full of idols; the people worship things they have made with their own hands." Isaiah 2:7-8 (NLT) If we could modernize this verse for today, I believe it would say something like this:

"Our country is full of treasures (things our hearts can fall in love with and worship), and there is no end to how many of them can be created. Our nation is strong, and we have weapons, power, and money that can protect us, so we don't have to worry. In this land, we can devote ourselves to so many things. We can devote ourselves to activities, hobbies, and pursuits that consume our time, energy and money. But the reality is, we are devoting ourselves to things we have created, instead of devoting ourselves to the one that created us." [Emphasis Added].

You see, devoting ourselves to the things of our own making will always consume life instead of giving life. Only the One who created life can give life. Today, ask yourself what created things are you devoting yourself to and ask Jesus to forgive you and help you devote yourself to Him instead. Prayer Lord Jesus, I have devoted myself to things that man has created instead of You, my Creator. Forgive me and help me to follow You and worship You alone. I want to live for You and not things. Amen

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