Keep Your Eyes Up

"Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2 (NIV) "No one is going to look out for you. You must look out for yourself." This attitude is expressed frequently in our culture. Often, we feel like this is true. We trust and are let down, we believe and are betrayed. The risk of trusting in another person seems too high, but the truth is, we have probably let ourselves down more than others have. So who can we trust? As believers, we can always trust Jesus, but what about trusting other believers? They are human too, and because of this, they also hurt and disappoint. But the risk of not trusting others is also significant. Not trusting other people causes us to become skeptical. It causes us to close our hearts instead of open them and leaves us looking inward, only at ourselves. Skepticism leaves us in a state where we are just looking out for our own needs and desires and failing to see to the needs of others. This inward approach to life becomes a barrier that keeps us from extending love towards others, the very thing Jesus commanded us to do (Mark 12:31). Paul says it this way, "Carry each other's burdens..." Paul is saying, look out for each other. Look out for your brothers and sisters in Christ. See how you can bring comfort when they are hurting. Cry when they cry and rejoice when they rejoice. Don't go through this life with your head down, instead look up and look out to see who needs to experience the love of Jesus rooted in your heart. Extending love to others will always leave us susceptible to pain and disappointment, but not extending love will leave us vulnerable to skepticism and hardness of heart. Giving ourselves over to this kind of self-centeredness will keep us from fulfilling the law of Christ, which is love. Today, look up and ask Jesus who needs to experience His love today? Prayer Lord Jesus, help me to live a life with my eyes up and not down. Forgive me when I become skeptical and hard-hearted. Help me to live others-centered looking to see how I can encourage and support. Give me a heart that seeks to bring others comfort in their pain instead of protecting myself from pain. Amen.

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