Sharing Can Be Hard

“He makes ears cease to the ends of the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; he burns the shields with fire.” - Psalm 46:9 (NIV) Have you ever had that feeling that you know, that you know, that you know, that God brought someone into your life so you can share the Gospel with them? When you are so confident that you know it is from God, but when you go and share with that person, they are resistant to hear what you have to say and won’t accept the love that you’re extending to them. That can be discouraging and disheartening. Sometimes this can make us feel like we didn’t hear from God correctly? Or, it can make us feel like we made it up, and that it wasn’t from God at all? But Psalm 46 is where we can turn to find comfort in situations like these. When it feels like sharing the Good News with others is a fight. The second part of verse 9 says, “He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; he burns the shields with fire.” Whatever excuses your friends are making to discourage you from sharing the Gospel with them, God is saying He will remove those things so their hearts can be changed. Verse 2 talks about being fearless even when it feels like the earth is crumbling underneath of us. Which, let's face it, is how it sometimes feels when we’re trying to share Jesus with someone who doesn’t want to accept the love of Christ. Receiving salvation takes vulnerability, and so we will put up walls or shields to accepting this love that isn’t comprehensible to our minds. But God has a remarkable way of using us (His children) to take down the walls that others build so they can experience true Life with Him; the Life that we get to experience every day. I want to challenge you today to not give up on those friends who are resistant but keep praying for God to move in their hearts and to knock down those walls. Pray for yourselves, asking that He would give you boldness and opportunities with these individuals today.

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