Who or What is Your Treasure?

"Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be." Matthew 6:21(NLT) Here are some questions for you: 1. What is your heart hungry for? 2. What god are you making to meet your need? 3. How have you been serving the god of your creation? What were your answers to the above questions? Whatever or whoever you have been devoting yourself to is your god. It or they are what you are trusting in and counting on to bring you meaning and happiness. The truth is false idols don't bring us closer to experiencing meaning and joy, they actually take us farther away. This is because we can only experience our real purpose in this life through a relationship with the One True God. Jesus calls us to repent of this false idol and to destroy it. Jesus desires us to turn away from our pursuit of it and pursue Him instead. What can you do to destroy this idol on your life? How can you reduce or eliminate the amount of time, energy, and money you have been giving to it? Only when you reduce or remove this idol by God’s strength, will you experience the freedom that comes from worshiping the One True God - Jesus Christ. Ask Jesus to give you a heart to serve and worship the living God and not false idols that bring death - death to our peace, death to our joy, and death to our relationships. Prayer Lord Jesus, forgive me for devoting myself to my current false idol. I have neglected You, the One True God. You know me and love me. Help me to love You with the devotion you are worthy of. Amen

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