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March 12, 2019


The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever. 1 John 2:17 (NIV)


Sometimes it can seem like the more we are choosing to live for Christ the more we are missing out on fun stuff. I think a lot of people believe that the Christian life means no more fun. What you think you are missing out on is nothing that would benefit you for eternity or would last forever. 


You are better off without what you think your missing. The ways of this world can’t add to your life, but God can. God adds to what will exist forever, our spirits. We naturally want to please our flesh, but there is no real satisfaction in pleasing our flesh. It leaves us satisfied for a moment, but always wanting more. It's a more that can never be fulfilled. It's not enough to just go to the party, so the next time you try drinking, and the next time you get drunk. That can lead to even poorer decisions, like having sex; and outside of marriage, that only brings regret. It doesn't add to life. It only takes away. Trust me you're not missing out, and you are choosing the better life.


If you want to be truly happy and your life to have purpose live for Christ.

Resist the enemy.

Follow Christ.

Add to life everlasting.



Father, open my heart and add to my life. Amen.

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