One True God

"How foolish are those who manufacture idols. These prized objects are really worthless... Who but a fool would make his own god—an idol that cannot help him one bit?" Isaiah 44:9-10 (NLT) Whether you know it or not, you are an idol-maker, you are a god-maker. By nature, we all worship something. We all devote ourselves to a thing, or a cause, an individual, or an activity. We do this because, we were made to delight and dedicate ourselves to something outside of us. The One True and Living God created us and has promised to delight in and devote himself to us, His creation. He's sworn to provide and protect. He's vowed to watch over us and to go before us. He's affirmed that He has a specific plan designed just for us. He can promise all these things because He is a living and personal, powerful, and loving being. He can follow through and do what He says He will do. This Living God is a far cry from the gods we create and devote ourselves to. The gods we hope will protect us and bring us life. They are all either things or finite people who are susceptible to weakness, sickness, and death. Because of this, no thing or no-one can ensure us anything. They can only consistently deliver on letting us down. How is your phone going to give you significance in life? And yet we look to it hoping desperately to be recognized. How will the accomplishment that you have been striving for with years of hard work and sacrifice protect and provide for you? How will it give you peace? Sure, some things can provide these things temporarily, for a season, but in the end, they all disappear, wear out, and are forgotten. Summarizing Isaiah, these idols cannot help or add to our lives one bit. What idols/gods have you created, and which are you trusting in? They cannot be the God who created you and loves you. Prayer Lord Jesus, forgive me for worshiping gods instead of You, the One True God. Help me to forsake the false gods I am currently following, so I can follow You, the God who created me.

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